April, 2018

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Java Wrapper Classes

Let’s start with an interesting question. Is java pure object oriented? You have heard about object oriented programming but what is “pure” object oriented?. In Pure Object Oriented programming languages every variable is an object, and every “operator” is a method. So, by this definition, is java pure object oriented?Read More

Rules – Method Overriding and Method Overloading

Overridden Methods   Any time you have a class that inherits a method from a superclass, you have the opportunity to override the method. The key benefit of overriding is the ability to define behavior that’s specific to a particular subclass type. Overriding implies that you’re re-implementing a method youRead More

Scala – A Scalable Language

Scala stands for “scalable language.” It is certainly not referring to scalability from the application performance perspective. It is a mix of object-oriented and functional programming concepts. Scala code gets compiled to class file and runs on standard Java Virtual Machine. Below are few key points about Scala: It’s a pure object-orientedRead More