May, 2018

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What Is Apache Pig?

Data is addictive. Our ability to collect store data has grown massively in the last several decades. Yet our appetite for ever more data shows no sign of being satiated. The computer and Internet revolutions have greatly increased our ability to collect and store data. Part of the reason for this massiveRead More

SQL databases Vs Hadoop

Comparing SQL databases and Hadoop Hadoop is a framework for processing data but what makes it better than standard relational databases? One reason is that SQL (structured query language) is by design targeted at structured data while Hadoop deals with unstructured data such as text, xml, image, json, pdf, doc etc. With that inRead More

Apache Spark

Data is one of the most important assets of any organization. The scale at which data is being generated is incredible. The speed at which the type of the data and the amount of data that is being processed and stored is breaking all-time records every moment.  Even in small-scale organizations, dataRead More

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

In this blog we will learn Apache Hadoop Distributed File System and its components. Apache Hadoop framework provides two major things Distributed filesystem (HDFS) Distributed Processing – A framework to process large datasets parallelly using MapReduce. HDFS HDFS is one of the building blocks of Hadoop ecosystem. HDFS is designed toRead More

AngularJS vs. Angular (Old vs. New)

We often use the words AngularJS and Angular interchangeably but there are some differences between the AngularJS (first version) and Angular (new version). Below are some facts about AngularJS and Angular AngularJS was the original Angular release way back in 2009. Angular 2 was released on September 2016. Google announcedRead More